St. Joseph's Catholic College

Primary Transition

Welcome to our primary transition page. Here, you will be able to find information for parents/carers of Year 6 children that are transitioning into Year 7. To visit our admissions page, please click here.


Year 6 Open Evening

With just under 24 hours to go, we'd like to share the format of our virtual open evening with you, and hope that you'll join us on Tuesday at 6.00pm.

We have worked with an external filmmaker to produce a video for St. Joseph's and whilst this cannot replace a real-life visit to the school, we hope that you'll find it a useful introduction to the College and be able to gain some insight as to what life at St. Joseph's is all about.
We'll be sharing this video on Facebook at 6.00pm on Tuesday and would welcome you to leave any questions you may have, in the comments section. We will be answering these questions in real-time, directly in the comments section below the video. It will also be able to view on the 'Primary Transition' page of our website from 6.00pm. 
If you don't want to ask your questions in a public forum, that's absolutely fine. You can send them directly to our Facebook page or school email anytime before 6.00pm. We will be collating all of the questions and answers into a document, which will be available to view on the school website the following day.
Any questions or comments can be sent to us in a direct message, or emailed to


Please click here to view our school prospectus.


Year 6 to 7 Transition - English and Maths

Maximising each child’s educational journey and helping them prepare for secondary school is a part of our vision at St. Joseph’s Catholic College. We are committed to improving the transition experience of our students as they move from Year 6 into 7 and have developed an English and Maths scheme of work that students complete in term 6 of Year 6 and continue into their first term of Year 7. In English, they read an engaging spy fiction novel called ‘Stormbreaker’ by Anthony Horowitz and are introduced to some of the analytical approaches to English in Year 7. In Maths, the spy fiction theme continues in a code-breaking unit focused on the topic of Algebra. Our goal is to improve pupil outcomes of both numeracy and literacy alongside developing confidence in students in their transition from KS2 to KS3.