St. Joseph's Catholic College

Activities & Visits

Enrichment activities play an essential part in enhancing the educational experience of all our students as well as supporting the development of non- cognitive skills and well-being. As a school, St. Joseph's have always been proud of the broad range of extra-curricular opportunities we offer our students. We aim to offer something for everyone: to suit all tastes, all abilities, and all ages.

Look at the clubs below and ask the relevant teachers for more information. Not only is this a good way to wind down after school but also, pupils will receive awards throughout the year based on the number of sessions they have attended.



Science Club B01 
SVP SFA Chapel 
Boys' Basketball (KS3) Sports Hall 
Young Enterprise (KS4) S15 
Art Club R11 
Girls' Just Dance (KS3&4)  
Christmas Services S05 
KS3 Singing for fun S06 
Boys Indoor Football (Yr 7)  
Football (KS4)  Field 



Polydrons  Y06
Debate Club Y13
D of E KS3  
SVP SFA Chapel 
Mixed Hockey (KS3&4)  
Girls' Netball (KS3&4) MUGA 
Boys' Basketball (KS4)  
Mixed Gymnastics (KS3) Sports Hall 
Cooking Masterclass (Yr8) R13 
Chess Club S17



Mock Trial Y10
Boys' Football (KS3)  
Mixed Volleyball (KS3&4) Sports Hall
Ambassadors of the earth GFA1 
Languages Academy G11
Singing for fun KS4 S06



Newsletter Club R11
KS3 Drama S07