Art & Design

 Curriculum Maps and Overviews


The Art & Design department at St Joseph's seeks to develop pupil's creativity and imagination through gaining skills, knowledge and understanding of the subject.

 Underpinning this we base our unique curriculum on 2 principles:

This will fortify them with the key skills and techniques to express creative ideas in a range of ways and produce engaging personal responses.

Course Outlines – at a glance

Key Stage 3:

 Year 7: Still Life 

  1. Still life drawing and painting – developing formal artistic skills and techniques
  2. Lino print – developing design ideas and exploring colour theory
  3. Paper Cut – designing, editing, reworking and constructing compositions focusing on shape and colour.

Year 8: Exploring Art Careers 

  1. Architecture – exploring 1, 2 and 3 point perspective drawing techniques to design cityscapes and building in response to a brief
  2. Character and soft toy designer – learning the design process and constructing a sustained personal response using textile techniques
  3. Graphic illustrator – Developing a character within the context of a graphic novel or comic book.

 Year 9: The Figure 

  1. Sculpture – exploring the human form and structure in three dimensions
  2. Drawing – exploring shape and proportion of the human form and investigating dynamic pose.
  3. Painting – developing drawings into painted outcome pieces, learning advanced colour theory techniques and painting processes.


Key Stage 4: