Careers - Parents Area

Education can sometimes feel complicated for parents and carers. Whilst we have all been to school when we were younger, the educational landscape has changed with new qualifications and career paths being offered for our children once they finish their GCSEs.

During their time at St. Joseph’s, your children will have to make a number of decisions that will influence the course of their futures. They will ask themselves:

As parents and carers, your children will call upon you for help and advice; they will want your input on any decisions they make. At St. Joseph’s, we want to work with you in ensuring your child makes the best possible choices, which are informed through careful exploration and research. We want to work with you to help your child develop those skills and qualities and that are prized by employers, so that they have happy and successful futures in their chosen careers.

You will have opportunities to discuss future plans for your child on the following occasions:

The key people in helping your children plan for their futures are:

On the Student Page, you will find links to online resources that your child can use to help with careers education. Please do hesitate to explore these sites. Also, if you wish to give any feedback on careers education at St. Joseph’s, please do not hesitate to contact the Careers Lead.