Governing Board

The Board of Directors has a key role to play in helping the College provide the best possible education for all its students.  The School Standards and Framework Act 1998 strengthens that role by giving governing bodies a specific responsibility for helping to raise standards. The governing body meet regularly and review each aspect of the College. This includes students achievement and progress, teaching and learning, use of resources, and staffing. Committees and panels are formed as required and a finance and premises committee meet during the year to specifically review the best use of the money allocated to the College.  The admissions panel meet regularly throughout the year.

The Governors’ vision is that the College including all the students and staff are the “best we can be” and more detail on this can be found by following this link.

The membership of the board, the Chairs and Vice Chairs of each committee is shown below.

All communications to the Directors should be directed in the first instance to the Clerk, Michelle Ferris. Her email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Members of the Board

Name Role Type of Governor Term Expires Attendance 2017 - 18 Committee's Pecuniary interest
Canon John Cunningham

Chair of Governors

Foundation 31/01/2021 10 out of 12 All

Director of Holy Cross Catholic Primary School
Diocesan Trustee

Mrs Liz Barrett

Vice Chair of Governors

Co-opt 10/01/2021 11 out of 12  n/a Employed by Intel Corporation (UK) Ltd

Mr Terry Aspell Chair of Finance and Premises committee Foundation Resignation effective 31 August 2018 7 out of 12 Finance and Premises Progress Employed by Hewlett Packard Enterprises Ltd
Mr Chris Lang Chair of Admissions Panel Foundation 31/07/2019 24 out of 26 Admissions finance and Premises None Declared
Mr Andrew Szeliga   Foundation 31/07/2019 13 out of 26

Finance and Premises

Velox Technologies Ltd (Owner)
Director of Holy Family Catholic Academy

Mrs Elaine O'Connell-Prater   Foundation 31/12/2017
No longer a governor
9 out of 11


None Declared
Mr Tony Matthews Vice Chair Foundation 31/07/2019 12 out of 12 n/a Employed by RM results
Quasair Ltd (Director) (Dormant)
Mrs Jennifer Makamure    Foundation 30/09/2019 - Resigned as of 18/12/2018 11 out of 17   Employed by UK Research and innovation. 
Child attends the College
Mr Paul Hughes Executive Principal E Officio   23 out of 26 All
Mr Mark Fleet Staff Governor Staff 03/05/2020 9 out of 14  

Mother, Mrs Fleet employed by Swindon Music Service
Freelance event technician

Mr Andrej Matyla Staff Governor Staff 03/05/2020 - Resigned 24/4/2019 7 out of 14  


Mrs Marie Temple-Richmond Staff Governor Staff 02/07/2019 n/a    
Mr Aaron Thornton Chair of Finance Committee Foundation 20/09/2022 n/a    
Mr John Moore Vice Chair of Finance Committee Foundation 20/09/2022 n/a    
Mr Kevin Burchall   Foundation 20/09/2022 n/a    


The Diocese of Clifton appoints the foundation governors. Staff and parent governors are selected following the process as recommended by the national governors association and Department for Education which is then ratified by the governing body and trustee’s. Unless otherwise noted, each Governor servers a term of four years.

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Adrian Stoten
Designated Senior Manager for Allegations & lead contact for Public & Parents: Helen Peace
Link Governor for Safeguarding & Child Protection: Mrs Liz Barrett.

All foundation governors are appointed by Bishop Declan of the Clifton Diocese, staff governors are appointed by election, parent governors are appointed by election and the one additional governor is appointment by the Governing Body as a whole.

The Chair of the Board is Canon John Cunningham who can be contacted at the College address or via the clerk.

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